About Us & Testimonials

Hub City Fencing Academy is a fencing club and school in Edison, NJ. We serve people of all ages who want to learn to fence, those who are active fencers, and those who once fenced and would like to become active in the sport again. Whether a person wants to simply enjoy the sport recreationally or work to become a champion, Hub City Fencing Academy will be there to meet their needs.

All of our students and members are expected to learn and grow as both people and athletes. Our coaches are constantly seeking to improve themselves as mentors as well fencers by continuing to train and remain active in the sport. They share in our students’ achievements on the strip, and know that hard work pays off. We maintain our reputation of excellence by working to produce fencers of the highest caliber both on and off the strip. We hold teamwork, responsibility, and dedication in the highest regard.

Hub City Fencing Academy opened its doors in August of 2010. Since then, we have worked hard to raise the community awareness of fencing as a modern Olympic sport through events where we offer free fencing lessons for anyone who wants to try the sport, school and library demonstrations given at no cost to the local townships, and by donating gift certificates for lessons to local charity and school fundraisers.

Hub City’s founders dreamed of opening a fencing club in Central Jersey for many years, and are proud of the success the club has found so far. We have welcomed so many people who are new to fencing, and it is inspiring to see their passion for the sport ignite. We look forward to expanding in the coming years, and we hope that you will join us on that journey!


We are so happy to have found Hub City Fencing Academy! The coaches are warm, friendly, and very encouraging of the students, regardless of their level. They are genuinely interested in their development and supportive of their efforts; incredibly good at what they do, and a pleasure to work with. Our son is so much happier here than at the other fencing school we tried previously. Way to go Hub City!!! – M. M., parent of 14 year old fencer

Thank you, Hub City coaches, for all of your support. Three of your coaches have now helped Lance at the Pan-Am Youth Championships & several Super Youth Tournaments this season including a Pan-Am gold in épée, Pan-Am bronze in foil, and numerous gold, silver & top 8 medal finishes at SYCs. Thank you Coach Rich, Coach John & Coach Kat! You are the best! – D. T., parent of 10 year old national competitor in foil and épée

Hub City is very special. Lauren and Rich have created a wonderful environment for the kids to feel welcome, gain confidence, learn, grow, and make special relationships with peers and adults. All the staff members at Hub City work great as a team in teaching and caring about their students. It is a very friendly yet competitive atmosphere to learn while having fun. My son tells me, “Hub City is like my home away from home.” – L. S., parent of teen fencer