Private Lessons

Our private lessons offer students the utmost in personal attention. Coaches will work with students to improve specific aspects of their fencing that cannot be covered as thoroughly and personally during group classes.

We strongly recommend that students with competitive aspirations work with their coaches to plan a training path including both group and private lessons that would best suit their needs, abilities, and goals.

Private lessons must be scheduled in advance through the club, though pricing/payment is arranged between the student and the coach. Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies. See below.

A general guideline for these classes is $75 for an hour or $40 for a half hour.

Cancellation Policy:

Full fees must be paid for private lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice. Coaches may, at their discretion, reduce the fee or waive it entirely in cases of emergency or unusual circumstances.

The reason we have to institute the policy is two-fold. First, when a private lesson is reserved with a coach at a specific time, no other student may book that time. If the lesson is cancelled at the last minute, the coach is left with an unused block of time that could have been offered to another student.

Second, coaches often travel to the club early for private lessons, or come in when they have no other classes to teach. If the lesson is cancelled at the last minute, the coach has already invested time and gas money in the lesson. Even if the lesson is cancelled a few hours early, the coach has already planned their day around the obligation.

We hope that you understand why we have to have this policy, and appreciate your continued patronage of Hub City Fencing.