Fencing & College

Colleges with Fencing Teams Need Fencers!

Skilled high school fencers are often recruited early by top colleges. Fencers are excellent athletes, and colleges know that the sport requires concentration, focus, and great discipline. Some highlights from an article by George Kolombatovich about fencing in college are below. To read the article in its entirety, see the link to below from Columbia University’s website!

“The college applicant who is also a fencer becomes an athletic ‘recruit.’ A recruit certainly has many advantages over the non-fencer.”

“Good colleges are looking for good students who will contribute to their college. Each year, some straight A students with 1600 SAT’s are rejected by colleges (don’t worry, they get in someplace) because they have little to offer; they simply regurgitate information . . . they have no creative spirit. The fencer is unique. The fencer brings experiences that enrich the college, just as an accomplished poet or violinist do. This is the type of person Admissions Directors like to have represented in their stacks of applications. Being a fencer is a distinct advantage for the college applicant.”