Introduction to Fencing: a 10 week course

$300 / 10 lessons plus equipment

Upcoming sessions start:

Youth (ages 7-11): Monday, 9/23 at 7pm with Coach Connor
Adult (age 12 and up): Monday, 9/23 at 7pm with Coach Alex

Our most popular program, Introduction to Fencing, is a 10 week course that meets once weekly for an hour. It is designed for people with little or no fencing experience and will provide a good foundation for more advanced techniques. During the course, students will learn the basics of footwork, and the rules and techniques for the foil, epee, and sabre weapons. Be sure to wear athletic clothing, like sneakers, sweat pants, and t-shirts. At the conclusion of the course, students choose which weapon they prefer, and join the appropriate group class for that weapon.

The $300 course fee includes the purchase of a brand new glove, mask and jacket for each student. Upgrades are available for this safety equipment at an additional cost. We offer students complimentary use of a club weapon. Please contact us to discuss payment options.

In the event of only one student enrolling in the course, the student will instead receive 10 half hour private lessons with the coach plus the equipment (a $403 value).


Pick Your Weapon: a 4 week course

$100 / 4 lessons

Upcoming sessions begin: 


This all-ages four lesson program is a quick crash course overview of the sport of fencing. Students learn about basic posture and footwork during lesson one, the foil weapon during lesson two, the épée weapon during lesson three, and finally, the sabre weapon during lesson four. The cost of the program is $100. We recommend this program for students who aren’t ready for the commitment of the 10-week Intro to Fencing course, but still want to try the sport, or who have recently graduated from Intro and want some extra lessons before joining regular classes.

In the event of only one student enrolling in the course, the student will instead receive four half hour private lessons with a coach (a $120 value).

The required protective gear is not included in the cost of this program, but may borrowed from us, or purchased at Absolute Fencing Gear in Bridgewater, NJ. Be sure to wear athletic clothing, like sneakers, sweat pants, and t-shirts. Email us using the form below to reserve your spot.

Basics of Foil / Epee / Sabre

$175 / 5 lessons plus weapon

Sessions are scheduled as needed based on graduation Intro / Pick Your Weapon students requests.

These classes were developed as follow-ups to our popular Introduction to Fencing Course.  After their first ten weeks of that course, we recommend that a student specialize and begin focusing on just one of the three weapon disciplines. It often happens that while a student is ready to choose between the three weapons at this point, they still might feel overwhelmed by the thought of starting group classes with more experienced students.

These five classes of one hour each are designed to instruct students more fully on the particular techniques and rules associated with their chosen weapon. The purpose of these classes is to familiarize the new fencers with as many concepts as possible in order to prepare them for group classes or private lessons.

The $175 course fee includes the purchase of a competition ready weapon and electric body cord. The student will be encouraged to try different weapon components (grips, blades, guards, etc) during the first four weeks in order to customize the weapon received during the final class.  Upgraded components are available at an additional cost.

Students are encouraged to begin Basics of Foil/Epee/Sabre at the end of their Introduction to Fencing course. Please discuss scheduling this course with any one of our coaches, or email us using the form below to ask for more details.  In the event of a single student enrolling the lessons will be covered in a half hour instead of a full hour.

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